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XS Family Of Toys 2017

XS Family Of Toys 2017
XS Family Of Toys 2017

Designers: Umesh Vinayak Nevgi, Hersh Umesh Nevgi, and Ujjwal Suryakant Rane, Trimiti Moebius Design Pty Ltd., Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Manufacturer: Trimiti Moebius Design Pty Ltd., Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia

XS Family Of Toys 2017
XS Family Of Toys 2017

Project Description

As a young startup Australian Product Design Studio, newly set up in Melbourne after gaining decades of Product Design experience from working passionately within the high-technology automotive and electromedical product design engineering industry, we from Trimiti Moebius Design are now excited to present to the world our own first-ever toy-products range: the XS Family Of Toys. We believe our pride in our design-craft reflects in these products too.

The iF-Design-Award-2017-winning and German-Design-Award-2018-nominated innovative XS Family Of Toys range has two sub-categories: 3D Construction Toy-bricks and 3D Jigsaw Puzzles. Though functionally different, they belong to a common parent family, having an identical underlying design principle (interlocking snap-fit on six sides) and various common design features (including the basic build-element size/shape, finer design details, engineering plastic material, inter-/intra-level interface, circumferential/hoop strain induced in their interlocks and the vibrant colours). Designed to stimulate creativity, nurture 3D/spatial skills and promote problem-solving amongst children aged 4-14 years (and even older), these toys help enhance their lifelong skills in different areas: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative and communication. This Value Of Play is critical particularly in today's age, when young children are often lured by addictive digital toys into being glued to electronic screens.

Every innovative 3D Construction Toy-brick (1X and 2X) interfaces with its adjacent toy-bricks on six faces (unlike only two faces for the conventional 2D Construction Toy-bricks widely available in the market today), thus allowing engagement not just in two vertical directions (up/down-wards), but also in four horizontal directions (left/right/front/rear-wards). This key feature lends itself to construction of toy-assemblies in forms and shapes not possible with the conventional 2D Construction Toy-bricks. Thus, more fun. More joy. More play.

The identical shape of the components of the 3D Jigsaw Puzzles (3X and 4X) provides a unique and intriguing twist to the already-interesting brain-teasing challenge of building a cube assembly. Thus, exactly which component the end-user picks up next is unimportant, but where and how she/he places it next is critical. The end-user may meet this mental challenge through different assembly-sequence solutions, retaining the interest in (and the novelty of) these puzzles.

The positive interlocking snap-fit between all of the XS Family toy-components aids robust assembly (by preventing crumbling apart) as the toys get assembled.

Additionally, all components of these individual toys (1X to 4X) can interface (or engage) with each other too, leading to furthermore fun and play.

Just one single component type (per unique toy sold) leads to savings in design, tooling, component and inventory costs for the manufacturer, helping make the toys more cost-effective and market-competent.

Technology and computing power too has been innovatively used to develop a complex mechanics-geometry-combinatorics-based algorithm (in Visual Basic), as illustrated in some of the attached images, for working out an exhaustive set of component-shape options and assembly solutions for the 3D Jigsaw Puzzles.