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Konftel Ego, 2016

Konftel Ego, 2016
Konftel Ego, 2016

Designers: Tord Berggren, Johan Gustafsson, Oscar Björk, and Emma Nilsson, Struktur Design, Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden
Manufacturer: Konftel AB., Umeá, Sweden

Konftel Ego, 2016
Konftel Ego, 2016

Project Description

The Konftel Ego is developed and designed for the flexible and professional use in today´s all work situations. It can easily be used at the office or on a business trip. It´s compact, durable and have an excellent sound quality despite the size.

The Konftel Ego signals both confidence and quality. An appealing want-to-have product that supports the business users desire to hold environment friendly remote meetings.

The end-user has been in focus throughout the whole design process, thus the simplicity and user-friendliness are distinguishing features.

What is also unique about the Konftel Ego is the clear sound. Distortions are non-existent due to the Konftels patented OmniSound®-technology. It ensures that all participants are heard clearly thanks to a filter that eliminates all background noise. The stylistically pure and efficient design of the phone enables a 360-degree surround sound. The Konftel Ego is optimized for meetings with up to four persons.

The triangular, typical Konftel form, have an etched metal cover and a small display underneath with intuitive information about all interactions with the phone. The solution gives it a slim harmonious design with good covering.

The phone is maneuvered with touch buttons on the sides and have headphone and USB connections as well as bluetooth and NFC functionality. You can use the Konftel Ego in music mode, to play your favorite tunes as well.