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Tiramisú, 2016-2018

Tiramisú, 2016-2018
Tiramisú, 2016-2018

Designers: Whynot, Sacile (PN), Itay
Manufacturer: Foppapedretti SpA., Grumello del Monte (BG), Italy

Tiramisú, 2016-2018
Tiramisú, 2016-2018

Project Description

Foppapedretti brand is an icon of Italian industry, among the most recognized top brands of Made in Italy.

In the 70 years of the brand's life, Foppapedretti has become synonymous of innovative ideas that anticipate needs with a product design identity that has wood as its predominant material.

Tiramisu, beyond the wood

The Tiramisu high chair is the synthesis of the Foppapedretti DNA applied to the child sector.

Conceived and designed by the Whynot team, it is a product that evolves with the child, offering the best user experience behind a premium wooden skin.

Tiramisù has been created for the kids but always with the intent to evolve in all stages of the growth until becoming an elegant chair for adults that integrates with class in any context of furniture.

The main challenge was to integrate in a wooden product all the features that a plastic high chair offers: fast height adjustments, enveloping and soft surfaces, mobility, different configurations.

The wooden parts have been designed to emphasize the most of the material by enhancing its qualities with a focus on the production process and the cost.

Foppapedretti does not create niche products but it is a democratic brand that wants to offer the best solution at the right price.