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Nokia 9 PureView 2018-2019

Nokia 9 PureView 2018-2019
Nokia 9 PureView 2018-2019

Designers: HMD Global Design Team, HMD Global, the Home of Nokia Phones, London, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: HMD Global Oy., Miami, Florida, USA

Project Description

The rise of the smartphone has shaken the photography world with countless innovations during the last decade. This year, HMD Global raised the bar yet again with the debut of the highly anticipated Nokia 9 PureView. 

The Nokia 9 PureView brings next-generation imaging to the hands of photography enthusiasts with the world’s first five-camera array in a smartphone. In partnership with Light and ZEISS, HMD Global has broken down the barrier between traditional cameras and mobile technology by presenting a smartphone with capabilities that can directly compete with DSLRs. In fact, the Nokia 9 PureView transcends the capabilities of a DSLR, making it possible for consumers to edit their photos with Adobe Lightroom directly on the device. 

The Nokia 9 PureView gives you a glimpse into the future of smartphone photography with powerful capabilities: 

  • • Because it benefits from five individual sensors, the Nokia 9 PureView provides outstanding detail in areas of bright sunlight and shade at the same time 
  • • The native monochromatic sensors on the Nokia 9 PureView allow photographers to shoot in a stunning, atmospheric black and white 
  • • The Nokia 9 PureView’s Pro Camera UI delivers unparalleled control over your photography and allows you to see your camera adjustments in real time. Consumers can use the Nokia 9 PureView’s 1,200 layers of depth and high-fidelity 12MP depth map created with each JPG enables beautiful bokeh and provides the opportunity to explore your inner artist using Google Photo’s built in depth editor. Now you can adjust focus, blur and saturation across the scene, even after you have captured the shot 
  • • The Nokia 9 PureView features the ability to capture images in uncompressed RAW “DNG” format and edit them directly on the phone yourself thanks to a partnership with Adobe Lightroom. It has been said that 50 percent of the art of photography is in post-production and with Nokia 9 PureView you have every opportunity to shine 
  • • The Nokia 9 PureView features an update to our popular Pro Camera UI –delivering more control over your photography. Enthusiasts can capture exciting time lapse photography with support for exposure times up to 10 seconds. In addition, the new Pro Camera UI on Nokia 9 PureView includes the ability to adjust the Exposure Value in increments of just 1/3 of a stop 
  • • The device’s Pro mode lets users see in real time how a change in shutter speed, focus, ISO or white balance will change their final shot 


Instead of making an iterative improvement with more megapixels or a wide-angle lens, HMD Global has invested in a completely new design that pushes the bounds of today’s technology to deliver the most authentic photography experience in a smartphone. 

Every photo taken on the Nokia 9 PureView uses all five sensors in its array to capture at least 60MP of imaging data and up to 10 times more light than a single sensor. It has two color sensors for vibrancy and three monochromatic sensors for sharpness and detail. To process and fuse the images, the Nokia 9 PureView has maximized the heterogenous computing architecture of the custom-designed Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 mobile platform, assigning tasks across the entire chipset including the ISP, DSP, GPU and CPU. It also features a dedicated imaging co-processor. 

With the quality and attention to detail you expect from of every Nokia smartphone, the Nokia 9 PureView has a flawless finish that radiates thoughtful design. All five cameras are seamlessly integrated 

into the 8mm slim phone ensuring there is no camera bump. Users can be assured that the Nokia 9 PureView will get through the knocks and mishaps of real-life with a 6000 series aluminium chassis with our signature dual diamond cuts and the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 on the front and back. 

By focusing on advanced design, reliability and pure, secure and up-to-date Android, the Nokia 9 PureView exudes innovation beyond the first-of-its-kind five camera array.