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Digipop Collection 2018-2019

Digipop Collection 2018-2019
Digipop Collection 2018-2019

Designers: Karim Rashid, New York, New York, USA
Manufacturer: W Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Project Description

The Karim Rashid and W-Studio collection embodies our global, digital moment.

Karim’s design practice began in Toronto, the current home of W-Studio. This is not the only similarity they share. Karim and W-Studio are the perfect union of smart design, premium materials, and embracing the full potential of contemporary technology.

Comprised of an eye-catching variety of high-definition designs printed on wool carpets with felt backing, the collection’s aesthetic is characterized by surprising juxtapositions of form, color, and pattern as well as three-dimensional, optical topographies.

Karim chose to collaborate with W-Studio due to their high-definition printing process that enables their carpets to capture Karim’s colorful, sensual, digitally-inspired imagery in crisp detail, while retaining the soft, warm, carpet texture suitable for Hospitality or Residential projects.

The quality of the carpet materials is integral. The collection is printed on wool specifically rather than hand-tuft or nylon. While hand-tuft feels luxurious, the precision in the ability to capture printed imagery is lost. Alternately, nylon enables the high-definition print, but does not possess a warm or cozy texture. Printing the collection on wool captures the best of both worlds.

The carpets in the collection can be used as floorcovering but can also be displayed as stunning acoustic wall art that are non-reflective and sound absorbent, transforming any space into an inspiring blend of form and function.

Karim’s designs consist of patterns that overlap and undulate; forms that cascade into waves or fragment into facets; and radiant colors that invoke a spectrum of emotions. The printed carpets range from bold, graphic, and iconic to subtle, illusory, and dynamic.