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Next Collection 2018-2019

Next Collection 2018-2019
Next Collection 2018-2019

Designers: Karim Rashid, New York, New York, USA
Manufacturer: SLIDE srl., Buccinasco (MI), Italy

Project Description

The Koncord stool changes skin to celebrate the 10th year of the collaboration between SLIDE and Karim Rashid. Every feature of Koncord connotes the idea of movement: the aerospace name, the ergonomic shape, the futuristic design. For the Koncord Next, SLIDE creates a colour that indicates the movement too: the unique chromed nuance is iridescent and it changes depending on the position from which the product is observed. The special edition gives a touch of absolute contemporaneity to the product with a timeless design.

The Koncord Next is accompanied by the new Jet Next table to complete the Next collection. Jet Next is a high table that is the perfect partner for the iconic Koncord stool. The table debuts with a special two-coloured lacquered version, with a chromed and pearly finish. The silver base merges with the purple top, and it matches perfectly with the Koncord Next special edition.

To give an unforgettable furniture experience to every kind of setting, the Next Collection combines two different souls: one more visionary and futuristic, given by the shapes of Jet and Koncord, and a more elegant and unique one, given by the special and iridescent colour of the special edition.