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Cascades PRO Tandem Dispensers 2018

Cascades PRO Tandem Dispensers 2018
Cascades PRO Tandem Dispensers 2018

Designers: Alto Design inc., Montreal, Quebec. Canada
Manufacturer: Cascades Tissue Group, Candiac, Quebec, Canada

Cascades PRO Tandem Dispensers 2018
Cascades PRO Tandem Dispensers 2018

Project Description

Cascades Tandem PRO Dispensers

The Cascades PRO Tandem™ is a line of paper dispensers that forms one big happy family, working together to enhance bathroom experience with better hygiene and a unified look.

Challenge Faced

The commercial paper towel dispenser appears to be a simple product at first glance, but much is expected of such units as they must withstand abuse and function without fault.

Considering that this product is often provided free of charge in the paper industry’s business model, combined with a heavily patented design landscape makes achieving true innovation a risky proposition.

The development of paper dispensers involves considering the needs and sensitivity of many different users and stakeholders; the end user, the janitor, the building service contractor, the property manager, the building owner and Cascades.

In public restrooms, end users need to be 100% confident that they will always have paper. This requires being able to see the paper inside the dispenser and be confident that it will be delivered. Touchless activation, high hygiene level perception and jam free mechanisms are mandatory to deliver peace of mind.

Janitors require quick refilling solutions and ease of cleaning. Building service contractors and building owners expect hassle-free operation. Finally, Cascades wishes to make sure that only their paper can be used in the dispensers.

Another interesting challenge comes from the fact that paper rolls generate significant amounts of dust inside the dispensers.  This dust originates from the roll ends that are cut by saws at the factory and it will spread and cling everywhere with static electricity. It is a reality that needs to be managed by the product architecture. 

Unique Design

Our role as designers was to create an emotional connection between users and the brand through a positive product experience.

Numerous researches at the end user’s level, semiotics and hygiene were required to lay the foundations of the design language. A comprehensive semantic approach helped pinpoint the most promising opportunities in the competitive environment and identified the most adequate form factor.

The solution evokes a sense of hygiene and well-being. Hygiene emanates from simple lines, minimalist volumes, and easy to clean seamless co-molded surfaces. Well-being is expressed through the slightly curved shapes, softened edges and by the use of subtle color accents.

The signature vertical window in front ensures visibility of the paper which is naturally enhanced by ambient light entering the housing through a translucent top.  The clear bottom is inclined toward the user inviting interaction, while its architecture is composed of two textured shells that are slightly distanced to minimise the perception of paper dust generated inside the product.

Careful thought was invested in the volumes, textures and colors to convey a sober yet refined appearance that is continued through the complete product line in a cohesive manner. This provides building managers multiples product options to enhance restroom areas.

The product line’s simple, aesthetics allow every unit to settle easily into its environment and become a familiar, permanent fixture. To match any interior design, the new Tandem dispenser models are available in bright white or cool dark grey.

User Experience

Design is about focus on the users and how the product can deliver the best experience on multiple levels.

In public restrooms, end users expect paper availability at all times. The vertical front window and clear top provide reassuring confirmation that paper is present for them. In addition, several patented delivery mechanisms have been developed to ensure paper is dispensed to the user in an efficient and predictable manner.

The use of two-shot molding allows for easy to clean seamless exterior panels and touch-less dispensing mechanisms enhance the feeling of hygiene while providing peace of mind through jam-free operation.

This molding technology, combined a careful selection of textures and colors conveys a perception of quality and tough fullness that is superior to typical offerings in this market and more appealing for users.

Delivery mechanisms have been designed to integrate intuitive color-coded refill systems that allow custodial staff to quickly refill dispensers in a fail-safe manner, thereby reducing malfunctions.

In the High Capacity Toilet Paper Dispensers where dispensers contain multiple rolls, a flip mechanism was developed to let workers quickly and easily move the backup roll into dispensing position and load a second roll at the top.

Additionally, a new lock design can be changed between key or push-button operation by way of a selector switch, which provides operational flexibility. The Cascades PRO Tandem Dispensers conform to all ADA guidelines when properly installed.

Benefit to Client

The new Tandem Pro product line showcases a cohesive offer, provides a truly seamless design, generated 15 patents and comes with many user centric features to break through the market’s standard offering showing the world that Cascades is serious about gaining market shares in the industry.

These products claim 7 strong benefits to help elevate the brand:

  • HYGIENIC with a seamless design and a no-touch delivery system.
  • RELIABLE being the most complete 99.9% jam-free line of dispensers.
  • SAVINGS through paper waste reduction (stub rolls, refill systems) and increased capacity to save on labor costs.
  • PRODUCTIVITY through faster maintenance to free-up time for cleaning and other tasks.
  • ELEVATE IMAGE with a modern design and a total family look with matching quality paper offerings that will elevate your building image.
  • PEACE OF MIND with less restroom complaints, improved guest experience, no end-user lease agreement and seamless installation process.
  • SUSTAINABILITY through a smart design, less components and a wide selection of certified paper options.


Tandem PRO comes with patented paper captivity to ensure that only their paper rolls will be used in the products which is a great benefit for Cascades. The captivity system has been designed from the ground up for the high capacity toilet paper products while towel dispensers inherit from an existing Cascades proprietary captivity system.

Captivity secures Cascades paper distribution and the cohesive product line DNA brings to life their new brand positioning “All clean. All good”.

Benefit to Society

Cascades produces, converts, and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibres.

Founded in 1964, Cascades offers sustainable, innovative and value-added packaging, hygiene and recovery solutions. The company employs 11,000 women and men across a network of over 90 production units located in North America and Europe. Driven by its participative management, half a century of experience in recycling, and continuous research and development efforts, Cascades continues to provide innovative products that customers have come to rely on, while contributing to the well-being of people, communities and the entire planet.