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Geometric Table 2020

Geometric Table 2020
Geometric Table 2020

Designers: Alain Gilles, Brussels, Belgium
Manufacturer: Bonaldo, Villanova di Camposampiero (PD), Italy

Geometric Table 2020
Geometric Table 2020

Project Description

A table that changes shape depending on the observer’s perspective. This is Alain Gilles' creative idea for one of the main new products of the 2020 collection by Bonaldo, an established international design brand with a core that is 100% Made in Italy. Summing up significant stylistic and material research, “Geometric Table” is a transforming shape-shifting table that plays on perspective: with a hypnotic visual effect, it looks different depending on the point of view, for a living area with a surprising personality. “Like a sculpture, Geometric Table invites the spectators to go beyond first appearances and to ask themselves questions about their own perception of reality”, explains Alain Gilles, a famous international designer and one of Bonaldo’s key partners. “Together with Bonaldo, this project enabled us to experiment, to explore new directions and new creative logics.” Geometric Table was an apparently simple project but highly complex to realize, ensuing from the brand’s industrial abilities and its major focus on research and development, which leads to the achievement of even the most experimental, out-of-the-box projects.

The concept for Bonaldo’s latest new product is based on chameleon-like silhouettes, starting with the base: its four legs with drop-shaped feet appear either thick or sharp and thin, playing together to offer a different perception of their visual weight as you walk around the table, with an impressive scenic yet slender and graceful presence, given by its rounded shapes.

In Geometric Table, design research comes together with material experimentation and a strong reference to nature: the table is also available in a special hand-brushed clay finish which gives the entire frame a sculptural look, as if carved out of a single block of sandstone to emphasise its deep roots with the earth.

This particular processing made it possible to obtain a terracotta coloured version, inspired by natural hues. The other materials available range from marble to solid wood or ceramic in polished, matt or elegant silk finish.

Geometric Table brings together extremely distinctive elements capable of enhancing functionality, comfort and aesthetics: from the material to the colour, from the harmonious shapes it comes in - in both the barrel-shaped and the round versions - to the multiple available dimensions.