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Sepura Home Garbage Disposal Unit 2019-2020

Sepura Home Garbage Disposal Unit 2019-2020
Sepura Home Garbage Disposal Unit 2019-2020

Designers: Afshin Mehin, Levi Joo, WOKE studio,
San Francisco, California, USA
Manufacturers: Anvy Technologies, Victoria, BC, Canada

Sepura Home Garbage Disposal Unit 2019-2020

Project Description

Every year Americans landfill or incinerate around 50 million tons of potentially compostable waste - enough to fully load a line of 18-wheeler trucks from NYC to LA ten times. Composting food waste is an ideal alternative that would help conserve landfill space, prevent unnecessary emissions, and protect water resources. Unfortunately, the idea of food composting turns off a lot of people due to the odors and fruit flies that result from countertop composting bins.

To make composting food waste convenient and appealing to consumers, Sepura Home approached us with the challenge of transforming the conventional garbage disposal unit into an all-in-one home composting system. Unlike a conventional garbage disposal that sends food waste right into the sewage system, Sepura uses a patented separating technology to divert food waste into a collection bin under your sink. This allows food waste to be easily collected in order to be composted later, while also preventing the buildup of odors and fruit flies that typically turn people off from using counter top composting bins.

What makes Sepura different? Unlike a conventional garburator that sends food waste to the sewage system, Sepura redirects it to a collection bin under your sink. If it's compostable and can fit through the pipe, Sepura can handle it. You can simply scoop food waste into the sink drain and call it a night Sepura takes care of the rest. When the LED lights indicate that the bin is full, you can pull open the Sepura drawer and remove the collection bin—emptying it into a curbside composting pickup service or your garden plot. The overall construction is designed with integrated odor sealing gasket that also relieves your kitchen of those pesky fruit flies.

Installation is an easy 3 step process

First, turn off your water, then securely connect the Sepura grinder to your sink drain. Then connect your sink plumbing to the grinder. Finally, adjust the height of the collection bin and attach it to the grinder assembly.

One challenge we ran into was that no two sinks are the same because people have so many types of sinks and cabinetry in their homes. As a result, the Sepura collection bin was designed to telescope up to 17.5 cm in height to reach any drain pipe.

The spirit of Sepura is to empower consumers to be stewards of our environment. We extended the philosophy to the products industrial design, sourcing plant-based biopolymers to produce the collection bin.