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Lei Non-Electric Aroma Diffuser | 2021

Lei Non-Electric Aroma Diffuser | 2021
Lei Non-Electric Aroma Diffuser | 2021

Designers: Yu Ito, Yoshimi Kemmotsu, and Bin Sugawara, SOL style, Taito, Tokyo, Japan
Manufacturer: Antbee Co., ,Ltd., Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan

Lei Non-Electric Aroma Diffuser | 2021
Lei Non-Electric Aroma Diffuser | 2021

Project Description

Lei is an ultimately sustainable aroma diffuser, powering electricity by the heat of a candle instead of a power source.

Utilizing thermoelectric (Seebeck) effect, Lei could generate electricity through the temperature difference in the metal part.

The generated electricity creates a gentle breeze that allows volatilized aroma to permeate a space.

It is a self-sufficient, sustainable product patented for its innovative invention which redefines existing home appliances.

Its minimalist design made from recyclable materials guarantee functionality along with emotional appeal in any situation.

How it works *
* Patented for invention
1. Seebeck effect occurs between hot / cold end. The candle heats the metal plate (hot end) above. The zero-shaped element (cold end) on the side efficiently dissipates heat. Seebeck effect occurs to the element sandwiched between the hot end / cold end, which generates electricity.

2. Electricity runs the motor and fan rotates. The motor and blade fan rotates by electricity generated from Seebeck effect. The ventilation cools the cold end even more, heightening the Seebeck effect.

3. Rotating fan lets aroma permeate the space. The aroma naturally evaporates and is ventilated by the wind, permeating the space.

While considering its function, we also prioritized emotional engagement with the design—gazing at the flame, feeling the gentle breeze, smelling the fragrance.

Every aspect is crucial and designed to make an effective pathway for fragrance and breeze, such as the glass cylindrical dome which raises the heat of the flame, the optimal gap above the dome, the single blade fan to introduce oxygen, and oval shape for heat dissipation.

We only used recyclable materials including package (metal, glass, aluminum, paper).

Being a cordless product, Lei can be transported, used anywhere. The oil is dropped straight into a tray, making it easy to replenish or clean.

The product is also designed to allow users to enjoy the aroma with minimal consumption.
While other products tend to overheat oils, Lei uses gentle heat which preserves aroma quality.
It guarantees safe usage with the sturdy steel platform which prevents tipping, and the glass dome protects users from flame.

Social Impact
The concept and execution of Lei reinforces our ethics of being greatly aware of our products’ environmental lifespan, through both manufacturing and up-cycling, as well as raising questions about the industry’s sustainability issues.

It also stands as an important hint for future “home appliances” which function with electricity without using power source.