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Hex Home DIY Smart Security System | 2021

Hex Home DIY Smart Security System | 2021
Hex Home DIY Smart Security System | 2021

Designers: Design Team, Origin Wireless, Inc., Greenbelt, Maryland, USA
Manufacturer: Origin Wireless, Inc., Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Hex Home DIY Smart Security System | 2021
Hex Home DIY Smart Security System | 2021

Project Description

Hex Home is a DIY, wave-based home security system. It uses 2 sleek, modern devices –a Hex Command (surface-sitting pod) and a Hex Sense (wall plug-in)– to create a sensing bubble that covers the area between and around them.

Using WiFi waves to monitor a user’s home for movement, this bubble wraps around corners, sees through walls, and stretches or shrinks based on device placement.
As people move through these WiFi waves, they bounce, break and bend around them. Hex then calculates how the waves change and informs users when meaningful motion is detected.
With the accompanying app, users can view real-time and historical motion levels in their home, change system modes, adjust sensitivity levels, and more.
While traditional home security systems rely on outdated hardware and require complex setup, Hex is simple to install, easy to use, and extremely accurate.
Designed with simplicity in mind, it requires just three steps to set up: download app, plug in, connect to WiFi.

Hex is also easy on the eyes. While traditional systems use unattractive sensors that require meticulous placement and are difficult to re-position, Hex’s 2 devices share a soft white color, rounded edges and a simple Hex logo mark. It’s minimalist and suitable for any home’s interior style.

Using AI technology, Hex has 10 digitally adjustable sensitivity levels designed to reduce false alarms by filtering out pet and mechanical motions.
This digital sensitivity is unique to Hex’s WiFi sensing-based security and frees users from worry about false alarms.

Hex also comes complete with three modes: Away, Guardian and Home. Away mode will trigger a loud siren to deter intruders, while Guardian mode sends motion notifications, but the siren stays muted –ideal for knowing when your kids get home from school or alerting you when the dog walker shows up.
Hex is redefining home security. It’s the ideal DIY security solution for people who do not want to invest the time, money, and headspace into managing a complex security system with outdated hardware and false alarm prone sensors. It is low-cost, sleek and private.