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Huel Shaker | 2018-2021

Huel Shaker | 2018-2021
Huel Shaker | 2018-2021

Designers: Anna Jaanus, Jesse Horne, and Chris Small, DCA Design International, Warwick, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Huel Ltd., Tring, United Kingdom

Huel Shaker | 2018-2021
Huel Shaker | 2018-2021

Project Description

The new Huel Shaker is the latest addition to the Huel product range, and was designed specifically for those who are on the go, but wish to still eat nutritionally complete food.
Huel’s first-generation mixer was an off-the-shelf protein shaker, which many fitness brands used. This led to the market, and potential new customers, wrongly assuming Huel was aimed solely at individuals who wish to recover from exercise.

The new shaker design was designed to be visually more inclusive of their customer base, which are those who lead busy modern lifestyles.
Huel wanted their new shaker to have an instantly recognizable silhouette that was as iconic as their branding.
The shaker has an easy pour, off-centre spout with lanyard, which enables the shaker to be used on the go. The 500ml fill line and the mesh inside the shaker are carefully positioned to ensure a smooth, homogenous drink every time.

The shaker needed to be something that consumers would be proud to possess, embracing it closely in their daily lives.
Since Huel’s existing branding was already visually provocative with their bold Helvetica logo, it was evident that the new design should make the logo the focal point.
The black and white colour scheme was also purposely chosen to be in keeping with the brand's visual language.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Huel –their perfectly balanced meals ensure that there is minimal food waste, and so its shaker’s material choice could be no exception.
Huel offers their shaker free with the first order, and so a sense of quality was required to be communicated through its tactility, so that it is never mistaken for a disposable item.
The approach taken was to design for longevity so that the shaker could withstand every day, consistent use.

The white bottle base is made from Tritan, a copolymer that is both food safe and durable, meaning it can endure impact and will not stain when put into a dishwasher.
The logo application method was carefully considered so that it would not scratch off over time, retaining a fresh aesthetic and maintaining its visual brand language, an aspect in which the old transparent shaker failed.