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Shel Covid Vest | 2021

Shel Covid Vest | 2021
Shel Covid Vest | 2021

Designers: Fernando Robert and Nathaniel Cooney, StudioFAR, San Francisco, California, USA
Manufacturer: StudioFAR, San Francisco, California, USA

Shel Covid Vest | 2021
Shel Covid Vest | 2021

Project Description

This project began when we were approached by a client who was immunocompromised and unsatisfied with the wearability of products available to keep him safe from airborne diseases.
Additionally, living in California, this last year exposed how unprepared many people were for dealing with poor air quality, and highlighted the lack of consumer-based PPE innovation.
Whether it be airborne pathogens or smoke from a wildfire, many people have realized the importance of having reusable PPE and could benefit from a more permanent and elegant solution.
Living and commuting in public settings exposes people to airborne pathogens and poor air quality. People that want more protection than a surgical mask are left to choose between industrial full-face respirators (as worn in hospitals) or new sci-fi inspired helmets. Both options are bulky, cumbersome, and socially unusual.

Shel is a zipper, sealed garment that provides a physical barrier between you and the outside air. Considered a P.A.P.R. (Powered Air Personal Respirator), it was designed to hide its capabilities and appear as a normal form of apparel.

The over-the-head hood is used as an intuitive format for air induction/filtration and full head coverage. This integration of a face shield into a garment hood is the most universally acceptable design without looking like a space suit.

Shel uses a rechargeable, dual fan system for assisted airflow. Simple exterior controls allow the user to create a cool, comfortable breathing space. Equipped with dual HEPA filters, 99.9% of viral pathogens are removed from that air.

One unique function is the face shield panel which can fold out of sight. Users can wear the vest all day while transitioning from high risk, indoor environments to less risky outdoor spaces with hood down.

The Shel PAPR vest is designed to help blend in while still providing a fully sealed breathing space that can protect us from air pollution and airborne viruses.
This intuitive design provides peace of mind when traveling by plane, train, bus, or simply an unexpected gathering indoors.