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Hydroxyl Aura | 2020-2021

Hydroxyl Aura | 2020-2021
Hydroxyl Aura | 2020-2021

Desiners: PDR, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Hydroxyl Technologies Limited, London, United Kingdom

Hydroxyl Aura | 2020-2021
Hydroxyl Aura | 2020-2021

Project Description

Airborne contamination both from pathogens and pollution are of rising concern. Clean, pure air is especially important for people with preconditions such as asthma and respiratory conditions, who often feel isolated and unable to travel.

Aura uses revolutionary patented technology to generate Hydroxyl radicals that create a cloud of clean, sterile air in front of a user’s face. Hydroxyls are natural atmospheric cleaning agents that destroy all types of pollutant and pathogen, including airborne Covid-19 virus on contact to create safe air and surfaces.
The Hydroxyl technology is established in larger format structures and has been tested and approved by a number of leading Universities as well as Public Health England, the Health and Safety Executive and the FDA.

It was recognised that miniaturising the technology to a point that allowed mobile, personal use could have significant benefits. This has become particularly significant since the advent of Covid-19 and the increased awareness of airborne pathogens and the increased risks associated with leaving the home.

Target users range from corporate and industrial clients who need to protect staff through to individual, private consumers.

The clean lines, simple one touch operation and simple cartridge replacement are designed to be reliable and fool-proof whilst the associated app can be set to remind users to activate the device in response to geo-location-based risk.

Whilst a subject of extensive research for over 50 years and used extensively by NASA in space missions the ability to produce a sustainable hydroxyl generated cascade at low cost lies at the heart of the company’s innovation and IP.

Hydroxyls are a natural phenomenon and way of decontaminating the environment but are highly reactive and short lived in nature. Breakthrough innovation lies in the ability to generate these particles in a cascade that lasts sufficient time to disinfect a known space.

Packaging and applying this technology for personal, mobile use is revolutionary with multiple and far-reaching applications.
The resultant device, small and portable enough to wear, offers significant benefits to use and has the potential to reduce pollution aggravated breathing conditions and airborne pathogen related infections, including Covid19, significantly.

A circular economy approach has been adopted to minimise waste and energy use and avoid harmful materials wherever possible. At the end of its life Aura is designed for dismantling, recycling, and recovery.