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Brevitē Jumper Photo Camera Backpack | 2019

Brevitē Jumper Photo Camera Backpack | 2019
Brevitē Jumper Photo Camera Backpack | 2019

Designers: Brandon Kim and Dan Limonchik, Brevitē, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Manufacturer: Brevitē, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brevitē Jumper Photo Camera Backpack | 2019
Brevitē Jumper Photo Camera Backpack | 2019

Project Description

Brevitē is a fun, functional, and innovative backpack company founded by Elliot, Dylan, and Brandon Kim. The company was started in 2015 out of personal need while the brothers were attending different colleges across the country.

Brandon bought a sewing machine to build the first Brevitē prototype for Dylan, who was looking for a bag that fit the needs of photographers, students, and travelers, without looking clunky or “functional.” Together the brothers saw the potential in that prototype and Brevitē was born.
For the last six years, Brevitē has been making beloved backpacks—and they have the 1,500+ five-star reviews to prove it. Throughout building the company their ethos of sustainability, kindness, and the quality of the products themselves has reigned true.
Meet The Jumper Photo— compact, sophisticated camera backpack designed for anyone who knows form and function don’t have to be at odds.
While the specific details of the design are important (more below) the most innovative feature of The Jumper, and all Brevite’s bags, is the way they use design to support a larger mission of profit with purpose.

Giving back to their community and the planet isn’t an achievement for Brevite, it's a starting point, and supporting Brevitē means supporting the greater social good.
By introducing amazing products like The Jumper, Brevite was able to give back to communities in need last year.
While so many companies were forced to cut back in 2020, Brevitē gave back—donating more than $200,000 to New York-based charities during the pandemic.
In the Fall, Brevite used its new product marketing campaigns to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote and have their voice heard ahead of the historic election.
And after identifying the immense crisis for homeless people during the pandemic Brevite worked closely with New York-based charities to donate funds and backpacks, like The Jumper, to those in need.

Furthermore, The Jumper is made from recycled water bottles and designed to last so it won’t end up in a landfill.
The team works firsthand with a sustainable factory in Vietnam where Elliot and Brandon lived for 2 months designing directly with the manufacturer.

The designers, Brandon and Dan, are two Rhode Island School of Design graduates who brought their rigorous design process to backpack design to create The Jumper Photo. It is simple and sophisticated, meeting the users where their needs are.
Traditional camera gear is clunky and heavy—unrepresentative of the art created by those who carry it. This is the problem Brevite set out to solve with The Jumper Photo.
A sophisticated update from even their previous bags, every element is designed to be functional in use and discrete when not, from the modern minimalist design to the low profile pockets that protect gear and valuables.

At the top of the bag, the low-profile handle is made of tubular webbing with an Atilon foam insert for ergonomic, comfortable handling. And the updated sloped top is designed to better hug the person's form, allowing for comfortable carrying.
Along the side, water bottle storage folds in to allow for a low profile and highly expandable pocket. The bottom features two tripod holders that provide steady carrying in use and can be adjusted to sit flush with the bag when not.

Along the back, a vertical luggage passthrough allows the bag to be used in an upright position on a carry-on but sit flush when not in use allowing for comfortable carrying no matter where you are. The back of the bag also features an air channel to create ventilation while worn.

A hidden pocket discretely added towards the upper back provides easy access and safe carrying for valuables like a passport or phone.
Brevitē knows easy access means never missing the shot, which is why they placed a quick-access side door that comfortably and safely fits any camera.
Perhaps the most loved feature of Brevitē’s bags is the iconic front pockets. The front organizational pocket is designed to hold all the necessities and sits atop a padded camera compartment perfectly fitted to hold gear.

With Brevitē’s bags, you can grab the bag quickly and easily while knowing your belongings aren’t rattling around. Rain flaps over the zippers also ensure it is waterproof.
The interior of the bag is padded with foam to safeguard gear kept inside, including 13MM foam along the bottom.
The 16” laptop sleeve features a ‘false bottom’ creating a gap at the bottom of the bag to protect the laptop from accidental drops.