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Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear | 2021

Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear | 2021
Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear | 2021

Designers: Ivan Vazzoleretto, Alexander Zovko, Inter-lux, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Manufacturer: Inter-lux, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear | 2021
Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear | 2021

Project Description

Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear is a complete range of high-performance, extremely low-brightness luminaires designed to put light where it is meant to be without becoming the brightest object in the space.
Downlight, uplight, wall graze, wall wash and perimeter systems are available in all mounting conditions.

Standard 90+ CRI and 3-Step MacAdam Ellipse binning built into all products ensure high quality and uniformity throughout any space.

Best-of-class drivers precisely regulate the LED at full power as well as through a dimming range from 100% to 0.1% without flicker.

Precision optics are incorporated to place the light where it is intended, control brightness and not distort the color or the beam of light that is delivered to the space.

Standard & Custom
ProTools 60 Linear has standard lengths to fit all ceiling modules and most application requirements as well as the option to tailor the length to the space if precise customization is required.
Standard corners for every mounting method can be used to make rectilinear configurations.

With modular design comes enhanced reconfigurability to meet any illumination or geometric requirements of the space.
A common housing that installs into or onto any surface can be populated with any optical insert to deliver just the right light to the intended surfaces.

Modular design minimizes inventory, speeds delivery to the jobsite and allows field replacement of all operable parts of the product.

Proprietary LED boards provide the most efficient and effective linear lighting solution that combines energy efficiency and brightness control in a small package.

Whitegoods has specially designed a selection of constant current LED boards used consistently throughout its linear range, so the user gets the same performance throughout the project regardless of the Whitegoods product chosen.

Tunable White Light
All products are available in our proprietary Tunable White LED boards to allow any color temperature from 2200K-4000K to be selected while maintaining the same high-quality color rendering as the standard LED.

This feature is highly effective in health and wellness applications, as well as workspaces to increase productivity, architectural spaces to match natural light, and for design focus in retail and hospitality environments.

ProTools 60 Linear is an innovative range of products specially designed to show interiors in the best light. It gives designers the freedom to design for all spaces within a project from one succinct, logical, and aesthetically congruent range of luminaires that delivers ultimate performance.