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Upright radiation therapy and radiology system | 2020-2021

Upright radiation therapy and radiology system | 2020-2021
Upright radiation therapy and radiology system | 2020-2021

Designers: Malcolm Boyd, Mark Fernandes, Maartje Pel, Marina Baranova, Megan McGowan, RP Kruizinga, DCA Design International Ltd, Warwick, United Kingdom Manufacturer: Leo Cancer Care, Horley, United Kingdom

Upright radiation therapy and radiology system | 2020-2021
Upright radiation therapy and radiology system | 2020-2021

Project Description

The diagnosis changes your life forever. Yet, 1 in 2 people in the UK will still develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.

Radiotherapy is recognised as a core part of treatment. Original radiotherapy initially treated patients in a more upright position, however, in these early days diagnosis was relatively late so patients were often bed bound and had to be treated lying down.

Medical advancements mean diagnosis is now happening earlier, patients are generally more mobile, and therefore we can return to treating in the upright position and realise the associated significant clinical, emotional, financial, and operational benefits.

Accuracy is key when seeking to minimise radiation treatment margins and utilise high doses in modern radiotherapy.
Accuracy starts with a relaxed, cooperative, immobilised patient for the duration of a treatment, and the clinical evidence is clear that our bodies naturally move less in the upright position.

The Leo Cancer Care product provides a patient imaging and positioning system to enable upright treatment of cancer using radiotherapy.

The visual design was developed to strike a balance between expressing the state of the art technology at its heart, and the game changing interaction the system provides.

This is achieved through pure, quietly confident forms, carrying an intrinsic logic and a ‘home’ for moving parts to return to.

The patient facing surfaces softly curve to invite the users in, and refined lighting effects and textiles offer reassurance through a homely familiarity.

All of these aspects are embodied with awareness of the healthcare environment in which they are being installed.
From a patient perspective, the design enables eye-eye contact with their therapist in a comfortable upright position, maintaining a sense of independence and confidence throughout their treatment.

From a therapist perspective, set-up times are reduced, throughput increased, and the same system can be used for both imaging and treatment – reducing the need for different system interactions.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Leo Cancer Care’s system enables better emotional engagement with patients and the faster, simpler setups, combined with the ability to be installed in current and new build facilities, means lifesaving treatments can be more affordable and accessible.

At the heart of it, this ultimately means someone somewhere in the future will have more time with a loved one because they have better access to new cancer treatment technologies.