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cobas® 5800 | 2019-2021

cobas® 5800 | 2019-2021
cobas® 5800 | 2019-2021

Designer: Roman Gebhard, FLUID Design GmbH, Munich, Germany, Tobias Nuëschel Vetica, Luzern, Switzerland, Roche Design Team, Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Manufacturer: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd, Rotkreuz, Switzerland

cobas® 5800 | 2019-2021
cobas® 5800 | 2019-2021

Project Description

The cobas® 5800 is an integrated analyzer for fully automated PCR testing for Laboratories running 20-100 PCR tests per day.

The instrument is designed for minimal user interaction as, once all resources are loaded, the analyzer processes the samples in an autonomous way – ‘sample in, result out’.

The design of the cobas® 5800 is aligned with the “Roche Design Guidelines”, but as one of the new design elements, safety glass is used as a material for the front part, which is a novelty in medical device design and generates a unique, classy appearance.

Using glass as a material opens up for more opportunities for the customer but also for the manufacturer:
● A glass surface is easier to clean
● The inclusion of a colored foil since the white color does not change over time (due to e.g., cleaning or exposure to radiation)
● Mounting LEDs behind the glass is an elegant way to indicate the locking state of a drawer and integrates nicely with the design
● The glass surface provides a better planarity compared to e.g., molded parts.