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16.3 Table | 2020-2021

16.3 Table | 2020-2021
16.3 Table | 2020-2021

Designers: LAITA Design, Laita Design Studio, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Manufacturers: LAITA Store, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

16.3 Table | 2020-2021
16.3 Table | 2020-2021

Project Description

16:3 TABLE by LAITA stays away from complicated structures and captures the essence of Asian aesthetics. Designed in natural colors and plain materials, this table exhibits the mastery of wood joinery as it requires neither nails, screws, or glue. It consists of 12 timber planks which were precisely cut and perfectly joined together to form the base of the table. Four supporting legs are locked within the base without any bindings which makes it easy to assemble.

With a less-is-more mentality, this table has the power to balance out your room with a dose of refined simplicity. The table design was inspired by the traditional wooden beam structure, commonly used in architecture. Developed over more than three years, the quintessence of Asian architecture has been encapsulated in a simple shape of 16:3.

The elaborate table base is made up of 16 wooden components. Four of these components are the very wooden pegs in the traditional mortise, which were significantly enlarged to become the four table legs. This structure makes the table firm and quickly assembled without any screws or glue.
The table becomes more elegant with the choice of glass as a tabletop material, emphasizing refined simplicity. The four corners of the tabletop are beveled to prevent sharp edges, at the same time giving the tabletop an interesting shape. A layer of silicon pad between the wooden legs and the tabletop prevents slip and scratch.

The tabletop can be customized in different colors and dimensions. 12 wooden planks which precisely assemble to form the table base and to create a mortise-like structure to hold the table legs. One or two ends of each wooden plank were carved out to create a flawless joint. The interlocking wood joints are the same, and so are all the plank ends. It makes mass production possible and allows adjustment of the table dimensions easily by changing the length of wooden planks. Theoretically, the base can be extended unlimitedly with additional joints and legs. Thus, it makes the table suitable for a variety of conditions and usages.

The 16:3 table was created with minimum materials, whilst it can still withstand the significant weight. Thanks to the detachable base, the packaging is significantly small. LAITA has also expected to see greater benefits in terms of saved energy and CO2 during manufacturing and transportation. Currently, 16:3 has two versions: dining table and console table. The dining table has a wider but shorter base.
This version can accommodate up to 8 people and can be easily combined with different chairs. The console table has a higher but narrower base.
Both can be mixed with glass tabletops of different colors or styles.