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RAPID 180 - 400kW Ultra Fast Charging Station | 2021-2022

RAPID 180 - 400kW Ultra Fast Charging Station | 2021-2022
RAPID 180 - 400kW Ultra Fast Charging Station | 2021-2022

Designers: Adrián Larripa, bigD Industrial Design Department, BigD Diseño e Innovación SL, Pamplona, Spain
Manufacturer: Ingeteam Power Technology S.A., Sarriguren, Spain

RAPID 180 - 400kW Ultra Fast Charging Station | 2021-2022
RAPID 180 - 400kW Ultra Fast Charging Station | 2021-2022

Project Description

Ingeteam focuses on the design and development of technical equipment of high technological quality, where aspects such as energy efficiency, production cost and useful life normally prevail. However, when entering the electric mobility market, in which the product will have a direct interaction with the end user, other aspects appeared to take into account such as ergonomics of use or aesthetic and functional design.

bigD approached the challenge by analyzing Ingeteam, its brand and its position in the market, as well as where and how they wanted to position themselves with this new product. In this way, we were able to present innovative ideas that remained true to their perception of themselves, without neglecting the technical, cost and feasibility requirements that were specified.

The result is an ultra-fast charger for electric vehicles, with a timeless design, and in which value is added to the user through design. The main place of installation of electric chargers is in urban environments. This means that a timeless design was wanted and that it would not be disruptive with its surrounding.

The retractable system allows the user to have a long hose without having to carry all its weight. This system favors usability for all types of people.
The design of the RAPID is adjusted to the relevant regulations and they are suitable for users with reduced mobility, both in the height of the holders and in the layout of the touch screen.

An ambient lamp has been installed in the upper part of the charger to illuminate the area in which the product is used. The user also has the illumination of the holders to know the state of charge of the hoses. The inner face of the holder is inclined so that it is the most ergonomic and comfortable for the user to pick up and put down this heavy weight hoses.

Mechanically, it has a system for locking the hose using spring-ball positioners, which prevent the hose from falling by its own weight from the holder.
Europe’s most powerful ev charger, reaching 400KW, just needed to add a little more body to the design. This requirement was considered from the beginning and size scalability is possible thanks to its geometric design.