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Altitude | 2021-2022

Altitude | 2021-2022
Altitude | 2021-2022

Designers: Richard Nicholas, Andrew Williams, Anthony Hudson, and Mitchell Johnstone, Acumen Design Associates Ltd., London, United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Adient Aerospace, LLC., Huntington Beach, California, USA

Altitude | 2021-2022
Altitude | 2021-2022

Project Description

Altitude was designed specifically to meet the growing demand for premium lie flat seating in narrower single aisle aircraft. It’s designed with the automotive inspired Craftsmanship Process to improve the quality and value of the product. Thoughtfully placed mood lighting highlights Altitude’s sleek styling, which compliments the latest aircraft interior design language.

Stowage for personal amenities, headphones, water, and outlets for charging your electrical devices are all conveniently at the passenger’s reach. The meal table is designed to seamless blend into the design when stowed away.

Passengers will not even notice they are in a smaller aircraft cabin. With the comfort found in Altitude’s high density, premium lie flat seat passengers experience the same luxurious features, privacy and living space usually found on larger aircraft premium class products.

Altitude features an all-new patented seat and composite furniture design that allows the product to be configured at an incredibly short seat pitch range of just 30 inches, a distance usually seen between rows of economy class seats. The material selection provides a warm and inviting environment that is harmonious to the aircraft cabin.

Altitude offers every premium passenger a long full flat bed and total privacy within their own suite with the innovative suite door. Ascent benefits from acoustic noise reduction material to help enhance sleep and quiet the noise from the cabin. Using Adient’s Comfort Process, the business class seats are designed to guarantee comfort in both the upright and lie flat positions, ensuring every passenger a good night’s rest in flight Altitude has a strikingly simple, modern, and uncomplicated aesthetic in which all elements of the seat are seamlessly integrated for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The inboard facing herringbone layout offers easy access, a window view, and high levels of personal privacy. Mood lighting under the ottoman and above the side-table provide a sophisticated ambiance, with a strategically positioned reading light providing perfect illumination either in seated or bed mode Each passenger is guaranteed a comfortable and functional space that they can call their own.

Enclosed stowage on either side of the seat allows passengers a convenient place to accommodate items such as laptops, water bottles and amenity travel kits. The ultra-compact sliding suite door cassette gives the passenger optimal personal space without compromising on available aisle width.
The two-stage sliding privacy door encloses the seat from all aisle traffic, creating passenger privacy and temporary isolation.

A large meal table is perfectly positioned to provide comfortable dining and workspace. Altitude’s nearby reading light and sconce light provide ideal task and ambient lighting. Altitude’s large In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) monitor has been thoughtfully designed into the suite furniture and simply rotates out 90 degrees for comfortable viewing in any seated, lounge or bed position.