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Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor | 2019-2021

Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor | 2019-2021
Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor | 2019-2021

Designers: Bach Nguyen, Aruliden, New York, New York, USA
Manufacturer: Google LLC., Stockholm, Sweden and Avocor
 Technologies USA, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA

Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor | 2019-2021
Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor | 2019-2021

Project Description

An all-in-one video-conferencing device for small- and mid-sized rooms, the Series One Board 65 by Avocor helps teams collaborate more effectively.
ADA-compliant when wall-mounted, the plug-and-play unit facilitates inclusion regardless of the users’ location, technical know-how, and physical abilities.

It offers a combination of video, voice, whiteboarding, and annotating that supports the different ways people feel most comfortable collaborating and communicating, both in real-time and asynchronously. And although optimized for Google Meet, Board 65 works with any conferencing service.

Plug-and-play, Board 65 features a 12-microphone array, integrated stereo speakers, and a 12MP camera that automatically pans and zooms up to 4.3x, allowing colleagues on- and offsite to see and hear each other clearly.

Google’s AI-enabled TrueVoice technology reduces background noise and enhances speech; the device also has optional closed captioning and a headphone jack for the hearing-impaired. Integrated whiteboarding capabilities powered by the Jamboard app allow users to sketch and annotate on the interactive, 65-inch touchscreen. The latter is slightly tilted, making it comfortable to look at and write on with a finger or the included stylus.
Setting up Board 65 is simple: just plug in the power cord and an Ethernet cable.

Approachable and intuitive to use, Board 65 has a sculptural shape and subtle surface texturing. Its gray hue and matte finish beautifully blend into any environment, while areas where users interact with its frame are soft to the touch. Recessed ports and minimal cabling minimize visual distractions.

The inputs/outputs can connect peripherals and BYOD; a USB-C cable also lets a user control Board 65’s camera and speakers from a laptop.

The optional stand means Board 65 can be easily moved between spaces, spontaneously creating a video-conferencing area in minutes. Board 65 integrates with Google Calendar, waking up just before a scheduled meeting and going into low-power mode when it’s over. You also can begin a meeting with a single tap or via voice activation by saying, “Hey Google, join the meeting.” Wherever possible, Board 65 utilizes recycled materials.

The polycarbonate-and-ABS housing incorporates post-consumer recycled content, while the fabric covers contain recycled polyester and nylon. All of the device’s components are enterprise-grade to ensure a long useful life. That said, Board 65’s glass touchscreen and optional aluminum stand are also designed to be recycled easily.

In all, Desk 65 reinforces Google’s reputation as a provider of cutting-edge business tools that not only accelerate productivity, but also are gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to use.