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FOCUS Chandelier | 2018-2022

FOCUS Chandelier | 2018-2022
FOCUS Chandelier | 2018-2022

Designer: Yuji Okitsu, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Manufacturer: DCW éditions Paris, Paris, France

FOCUS Chandelier | 2018-2022
FOCUS Chandelier | 2018-2022
FOCUS Chandelier | 2018-2022

Project Description

By re-focusing on the elements of light, air and scenery that create the ambient environment, FOCUS continually recomposes. A number of thin, lightweight, flat lenses that maintain a mobile-like balance collect and diffuse the natural light from the window and the ambient light in the room while surrendering itself to the air currents. After dark or when ambient light is weak, lighting devices embedded around the edges of the lenses illuminate the framed scenery, and affordance effects generated by light direct peoples' attention towards another scenery beyond the lenses, brightens the room as well.

The aspect of FOCUS is that it is created in response to its surroundings, just as architecture is designed in response to its environment. And while function and stability are important in lighting, it gives people scenery as an art object with the concept of natural light and air flow. Lighting is not limited to the fields of design, architecture, and art, but also creates function, aesthetics, and a unique landscape in space.

By using PMMA and aluminum, which are renewable materials, the designers are considering a sustainable recycling-oriented society. It is also important that these are not special materials that require energy costs and that they can be stably supplied. Since the weight of the product has a great impact not only on safety but also on environmental energy and transportation energy, consideration is given to keeping it light. The lens is made from a 1mm-thick acrylic plate that has been specially processed into a negative lens, making it extremely lightweight and safe. The electrical cord that forms the mobile is 2mm thick, which makes it light and at the same time give floating lenses sensations. The frames of the lighting and the bars of the mobile are made of aluminum, realizing the ease of molding and weight reduction. Variations of the mobile are 3 ~ 5 lens type with φ364mm and φ284mm lens combination, which can adjust the length of the upper electric cord up to 3m.

Originally, the value of lighting products is evaluated when they are lit, but FOCUS respects natural light while providing lighting design. Taking advantage of the charm of both artificial and natural light, it gives us the opportunity to rethink how we interact with people, the environment and energy.