Green Product/Graphic Design 2018

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Designers: Andreu Carulla, Banyoles, Spain
Manufacturer: Iberital de Recambios S.A., Sant Felie De Llobregat, Spain


Project Description

Iberital Vision is a professional espresso coffee machine that has been designed following three principles -healthiness, energy efficiency and connectivity- to be a to- class leader. It is the result of teamwork by the design team and the engineering team, and its development has been partially funded by Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program by EU agency for SMEs, EASME.

Description by Chief Designer

Iberital Vision, is a professional espresso coffee machine designed to withstand the passing of time, we could define it as a timeless machine. We have simplified its design to the minimum expression in order to focus the user's attention on the functional elements, thus achieving an intuitive and gestural machine (the actions are controlled with levers instead of buttons facilitating the activation of the machine reducing the precision required to the user).

The suppression of visible screens turns it into an analog-shaped machine, but further away, each coffee brewing group has a screen hidden behind the panel that informs us at all times of the actions that are being carried out. The coffee machine is also linked to a tablet that allows you to make all kinds of complex configurations through an infographic App that has been carefully designed. This innovative and pioneering system of machine configuration through the tablet, also allows us to connect remotely to know the state, share recipes in a new social network, control the management of orders, etc. In short, it opens up a new world of possibilities not explored so far in this sector.
The machine is available in 3 different configurations and it is also planned to facilitate customization of the barista, so that with simple plates you can panel it in a way that is a perfect complement to any space.

Description by Chief Engineer

Iberital Vision achieves its goals (healthy, sustainable and connected) thanks to a new design of the hydraulic circuits, electronic controls, sensors and actuators, use of new materials and state-of-the-art human-machine interface:

Healthy: the hydraulic circuits for coffee, hot water for infusions and steam have been redesigned with new lead and nickel free materials that are safe for food applications. Also, the circuits have been separated and water stagnation is avoided. Thus, coffee, tea and other infusions always use fresh water.

Energy efficient: power consumption has been reduced up to 50% by: (a) reducing energy loss by isolating boilers and tubes, (b) reducing heating needs by optimizing boiler sizes and heating elements, (c) the use of smart algorithms with predictive heating, and energy saving modes in low-work hours.

Connected: the machine has a custom communication module that can connect either via wifi, or via 2G mobile network, to an IoT server platform that collects data from the machine, and that can send settings and orders to it. Vision has also a tablet with an App for monitoring and performing settings, that is also connected to the world of social networks.

At the same time, Iberital Vision achieves the best features for a professional espresso coffee machine:

• Multiboiler design for coffee with independent programmable group temperature, brewing temperature stability and repeatability, and stepper motor gear pump for flow and pressure profiling during brewing
• A new tea water system that uses fresh water and in which the user can select a desired temperature and volume.