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The Dewey Schools | 2020

The Dewey Schools | 2020
The Dewey Schools | 2020

Tay Ho Tay, Vietnam
Architects: 1+1>2 Architects
Chief Architect: Hoang Thuc Hao
Design Team: Do Minh Duc, Nguyen Xuan Ngoc, Le Dinh Hung, Le Quang Viet, Nguyen Nam Duong, Pham Hong Ngoc
Landscape Architects: DPLUS Vietnam
Client: Edufit Education Group Joint Stock Company
Photographers: Nguyen Thai Thach, and Do Minh Duc

The Dewey Schools | 2020
The Dewey Schools | 2020
The Dewey Schools | 2020

Project Description

The project encompasses an area of 2ha, located in the Tay Ho Tay New Urban Zone. The goal is to design a complex for inter-level education from preschool to high school, including personal development facilities, such as a performance center and swimming school.

The Dewey schools’ architectural features manifest a modern, and liberal ambiance, standing as a landmark in the wider land area.

The complex consists of three main functional zones: the classrooms’ openings are positioned primarily along the North-South axis; the common area (canteen, library, multifunctional gymnasium) is placed right at the center to ensure direct access from all directions; and the semi-detached administrative area.

The system of corridors bridges all functional zones to form a solid unit. In between these zones are the playgrounds, sports fields, and green areas. The main entrance is highlighted by a grand concave corridor, which is curved backward to make an open and welcoming square.

The design also considers the outer flow of natural elements, human movement, and traffic. The facades are created with volumetric blocks, weaving in vertical and horizontal lines placement. The vertical sunshades disposed at the longer sides of the project to control the amount of solar radiation.

The internal circulation is carefully calculated as well, each route is reserved for a specific user to prevent congestion.

The three entrances steer one-way traffic: One lane is for private vehicles to pick up the students, the remains are for the buses, and the theater — swimming school block. The school, in general, is friendly and convenient.

The building design comes from the form of the site itself, with respect for the surroundings, social responsibility, and sustainability in mind. This is to ensure that students at The Dewey schools are able to experience an ideal learning environment, where modern facilities do not compromise the relevant and cozy feel of the place.