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GOOD DESIGN® the oldest
and the most Prestigious Awards Program

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press
Ltd. present the Museum's annual GOOD DESIGN® Awards Program for the most innovati-
ve and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.
The deadline for this year's submission is June 1st, 2024.

Each year, The Chicago Athenaeum presents the GOOD DESIGN® Awards Program for the
most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around 
the world.

HISTORY 1950-2024
The GOOD DESIGN® exhibition program began as a sponsorship between The Merchandise
Mart in Chicago and the Museum of 
Modern Art in New York City and continues today by
The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

The program called for three shows a year: one during the Chicago winter furniture market
in January, another coinciding with the June summer market, and a November show
based on the previous two exhibitions. Each year, a different prestigious designer was
selected to curate the installation. Charles and Ray designed the 5,300-square-foot
space for the inaugural installation in 1950, followed by Finn Juhl, Paul Rudolph,
and Alexander Girard.

GOOD DESIGN® is the oldest and the most prestigious Awards Program organized worldwide.

Founded in Chicago in 1950 by the former MoMA curator Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.,
together with such pioneers in modern design as Charles and Ray Eames,
Russel Wright, George Nelson, and Eero Saarinen, GOOD DESIGN® honors the yearly
achievements of the best industrial and graphic designers and world manufacturers for
their pursuit of extraordinary design excellence.

For more than seven decades since its inception, The Chicago Athenaeum continues the
organization of the program to create a revived awareness about contemporary design and
to honor both products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace.

Every year, designers and manufactures in about 50 nations are honored for their singular
achievements in producing hallmarks of contemporary design. For more than 70 years, everything and anything produced in and for the environment from a paperclip to a Boeing 787 Dreamliner or NASA Space Ship have been honored.

The GOOD DESIGN logo was designed by Chicago designer, Mort Goldsholl, in 1950.
The black dot and square-shaped logo is used globally by winning companies to publically
announce that their products and graphic designs have met the most strident and
professional criteria and highest standard for international Design Excellence.

Over the last decades, the Museum has awarded approximately 40,000 GOOD DESIGN Awards for design and innovation, sustainability, creativity, branding, ecologically responsible design, human factors, materials, technology, graphic arts, packaging, and universal design by various industrial design and graphic design firms working for the world’s major manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies in over 50 countries.

The emphasis of the GOOD DESIGN® program is on quality design of the highest form,
function, and aesthetics a standard beyond ordinary consumer products and graphics.
The Chicago Athenaeum's GOOD DESIGN® program forwards the ideals of a design process
that embodies product excellence and endurance and strong public identity.

Submissions to the program are judged by a jury of distinguished design professionals
and leading industry specialists and design press on criteria established in the original
1950 program for the highest aesthetic in terms of innovative design, new technologies,
form, materials, construction, concept, function, utility, and energy efficiency, and
sensitivity to the environment.

Awarded design firms and manufacturers have the right to enter into a limited legal
licensing agreement to use of the Museum's GOOD DESIGN® logo to mark and identify
the selected product or graphic in their marketing, publications, promotions, and
communication campaigns as a public symbol of product and service quality.
This public seal of approval immediately informs consumers to understand that the
selected product and graphic meets the most rigorous test and criteria for absolute design

GOOD DESIGN® is an international symbol of a company's firm commitment to innovation
and superior design embodiment. Materials and products are accessed into the Museum's
Permanent Design Collection and frequently exhibited in the United States and abroad.

In this year's edition, selected products and graphics for GOOD DESIGN® are announced to
the international press in December. The Awarded products and graphics are accessioned
into the Museum's Permanent Design Collection. Selected designers and manufacturers
are allowed use of the Museum's GOOD DESIGN logo in publications, promotions, and
marketing as specified in the joint legal agreement with The Chicago Athenaeum.

The fee is $399.00 USD per entry. Checks are made payable to Metropolitan Arts Press or
payment by American Express, Master Card, or VISA.
Foreign checks must include a $50.00 USD additional payment for bank processing fees. 
For bank wire information contact the Museum at:



In order to apply you need to visit Organization Page. You need to create an account applying all your company information. If you already have created an account please log in with your username and password. All required fields must be filled in. If a required field is left blank the form will be rejected. After a successful application you will receive an email with a unique ID number for your submission, a pre-invoice for your submission and a pdf document with all information in case you choose to pay with bank transfer. All final invoices are sending to all clients periodically after we check all transactions passed through correctly. You can always log in to your account to see passed submissions or download your passed invoices.




All information submitted will be included in all online presentation, exhibition and Award publication catalogue. Please ensure that possible changes or mistakes according to credits, images and project description may incur costs. During your submission please advise all examples given in every section to ensure all credit details filled in correctly.


All project descriptions should be edited in English, should be ready to use in any type of online presentation or publication and should not be more than 500 words. There is a specific text tab to include it when submitting so please do not forward it with email or any other way to us.


IMAGE FILE TYPE: .jpg, .webp, or .png
ASPECT RATIO: W1920px H1080px
SIZE: 6MB/image


• All images file names should use only Latin characters
• If you want to forward more images for the jury procedure or blueprints please use the dropbox link to upload. Make sure your dropbox folder is public so we can have access.

Please contact Jennifer Nyholm  If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on +1 815 777 4444


Anything produced and/or designed from January 2023 to the present is eligible including: Bath and Accessories, Building Materials, Children’s Products , Electronics, Environments, Floor and Wall, Covering, Furniture, Hardware, Household, Industrial, Installation, Kitchen and Appliances, Lighting, Medical, Office Products, Personal, Personal Experience, Pet Products, Recycling, Retail Fittings, Robotics Safety and Security, Sports and Recreation, Tabletop, Textiles, Tools, Transportation


Anything produced and/or designed from January 2023 to the present is eligible including: Books, Magazines, Websites, Advertisements, Catalogues, Corporate Identity, Visual Identity, Annual Reports, Handbooks, Posters, Signage, Labels, Packaging, Product Communication, Typography, Atmosphere, Sales Promotion, Digital and Media Interfaces.


Please download or visit our tutorial guide we have created for you in order to provide you information on how you can apply through the new online environment.

  • For postal applications: please submit entry materials to: The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, 601 South Prospect Street, Galena, IL 61036 USA.
  • For questions about the Award application contact us +1 815 777 4444 or Fax + 1 815 777 2471
  • For questions about the Award application e-mail us at
  • All photographs must be labeled with project, designer, manufacturer and photographer credits.
  • All winning entries become property of the Permanent Design Collection at The Chicago Athenaeum.
  • Projects selected for exhibition will require the physical use of the product or model for exhibition purposes.
  • Late submissions add $100.00 USD per entry.

All entries must be postmarked no later than June 1, 2024
Extended Deadline Date for Submissions: June 14th, 2024. by 5:00 PM Central  Standard Time.

Reason to be a part of the Good Design Awards
It was the first time that an art museum and a wholesale merchandising center joined forces to present "the best new examplesin modern design in home furnishings."

By submiting your work and receiving a Good Design Award you actually prove your design
excellency while becoming a member of a great community of professional designers,
companies and talented people around the world who share the same ideas and dreams
about design. Products awarded with Good Design can easily take an advance place on
the market.

All awarded projects are listed every year at an online platform which receives at least
1 million visits per year. Dissemination of the Good Design word also involves the hosting
of exhibitions and events presenting the awarded projects in different places all over the
world. Finally all the award - winning projects are published in our official Good Design

- GOOD DESIGN™ is a Registered Trademark of The Chicago Athenaeum

: Museum of Architecture and Design in the US, EU, and UK
- Copyright Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd.©1992-2024


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