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Nikola Tre Electric Truck 2019-2021

Nikola Tre Electric Truck 2019-2021
Nikola Tre Electric Truck 2019-2021

Designers: Erik Tuft, Ryan Browne, Tom Wachter, John Sodano, Nikola Design Studio, Nikola Motor Company, Phoenix, Arizona, USA and Marco Armigliato, Giuseppe Bruno and Isabella Burgio, CNH Industrial Italia SpA., Torino (TO), Italy
Manufacturer: Nikola Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Nikola Tre Electric Truck 2019-2021
Nikola Tre Electric Truck 2019-2021

Project Description

The Nikola Tre is setting a new standard in the heavy-duty, zero-emissions transportation industry. From the beginning, the design goal of the Nikola Tre was to visually communicate, “this is the zero-emission truck of the future, and the future begins now.” Smooth, simple contemporary lines, luxury automotive fit-and-finish, and next-generation technology put the Nikola Tre in a position to bring excitement to the trucking and logistics industry with a commitment to sustainability.

From the outside, it is obvious from a distance that the Nikola Tre is an Electric vehicle. An aero-conscious posture, advanced side-view digital camera system, personalized vehicle approach illumination via keyless entry are just a few design elements that say, this is the future of trucking! A distinctive design born of an innovative and disruptive brand.

The interior takes cues from luxury automobiles with modern textures, sustainable fabrics, and warm colors. The Nikola Tre surrounds the operator with advanced technology and entertainment features thus improving the experience and effectiveness of the driving experience. A 17-inch touch screen center monitor and a 12-inch digital instrument cluster put the driver in complete control of the vehicle’s operating system, delivery schedule, maps, and driving logs.

Two additional interior screens on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle support the digital camera system, replacing traditional mirrors. Electroluminescent accent lighting adds a finishing touch of technological refinement.

The Nikola Tre is a balanced approach of Advanced Technology and Tech-Forward Design supporting a vision of a zero-emission future.