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AMAi | 2021

AMAi | 2021
AMAi | 2021

Designers: Dirk Wynants, DWDW, Poperinge, Belgium
Manufacturer: Extremis nv, Poperinge, Belgium

AMAi | 2021
AMAi | 2021

Project Description

Life demands flexibility. By morning you’re immersed in heads-down work at your laptop, by evening you’re hosting friends for a cocktail hour.
At the office, you’re holding an outdoor brainstorm session one moment and the next you’re on a conference call to pitch a big new idea. What if one single set of furniture could be the same destination for all of these experiences?

AMAi, the Flemish expression for “wow”, is that destination. It’s an adjustable table that you can tailor to the needs of any gathering, whether indoors or outdoors, for work or play, making each experience valuable and easy-going.

A standing, dynamic chat or a comfortable, seated lunch? AMAi is your partner for a flexible lifestyle in which each shared moment matters from morning through night.

Raising the bar and the table

Two A-shaped side frames provide a solid construction where multifunctional magic finds its purpose. In between these frames, you can position the tabletop into two heights: standard or high.
Thanks to the innovative design, even a single person can smoothly slide the tabletop from ‘sitting height’ into ‘standing height’ and vice versa.
And there’s more, revolutionary height adjustable chairs and benches match the chosen height of the table an allow people to sit at the same eye level.
The frame overhead also has some conjuring assets to offer. LED-lights support your gathering well into the evening and power outlets offer connectivity even outdoors.
A clever shade structure offers protection from the sun or shelters you from light drizzle. When used indoors, the same shade is an acoustic upgrade, adding an ambient vibe to even the most sterile places.

This all-purpose set breaks down the boundaries of your imagination and joins together the good aspects in life.
By adding more A-frames, you extend togetherness into infinity. Get creative by combining your favorite finishes and accessories to accommodate any communal experience.
A boundless block party, manageable workday or garden feast, AMAi supports each experience with ease, leaving you with the true joys in life.

A Magnificent Amazing...

How do you come up with such A Magnificent, Amazing Idea? In Flemish, people would express their astonishment by saying ‘amai’.
Amai, a word that consists of two ‘A’s’ -just like the table- and expresses A Magnificent Amazing Idea.
This unique, multi and utility patented design is the first outdoor set that truly has it all: flexibility, durability, timeless and innovative design. A pre-Covid design, completely ready for the post-Covid world.