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Stackware | 2021

Stackware | 2021
Stackware | 2021

Designers: Chris Harsacky, Huge Design LLC., San Francisco, California, USA
Manufacturer: ENSEMBL, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Stackware | 2021
Stackware | 2021

Project Description

ENSEMBL’s Stackware is a six-piece collection of high-performance nesting cookware, rethinking utility and design to increase functionality and optimize space.

Stackware features a patented removable handle, flat-lying lid, and 3.5mm fully-clad construction.
It is the first cookware designed for multifunctional use on both the stovetop and in the oven, as serving ware, and for storing food in the fridge, all while taking up 70% less space than traditional products.

The removable handle has been engineered for both security and ease of use - its patented locking mechanism is simple to engage while capable of supporting 1.5 times the vessel’s volumetric weight.

Designed with intention, when attached to Stackware the handle is a seamless extension of each vessel, ready to flip, pour, and shake each pot or pan.

The uninterrupted lines and clean surface allow each piece to both look and function like traditional cookware when each handle is engaged.

The trigger’s placement on the bottom keeps it out of the way while in use, while making it simple to engage to release and remove the handle.

With the handles removed, Stackware transforms. Save space on the stovetop and in the oven or bring each vessel to the table to serve.

As an additional benefit, with the handles removed and flat-lying lids placed on, it is easy to optimize space in the refrigerator for storage of leftovers - eliminating the need for an additional container while simplifying the reheating process.

The flat-lying lid features a shape-shifting knob: capable of standing in a traditional upright position when in use but able to seamlessly push flat for storage.

The lid’s lay-flat design enables all five lids to stack together in a single organized set. It also provides for an easier fit in the dishwasher and allows for the optimization of space in the refrigerator when Stackware is used to store leftovers.

Foregoing traditional rivets, Stackware’s side brackets are laser welded.
The result is a clean sleek interior that streamlines cleaning, eliminates trapped food debris, and adds unexpected visual appeal.