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Quito | 2021-2022

Quito | 2021-2022
Quito | 2021-2022

Designers: Craig Mellott, Gabriela Diego, Hap Parker, Lauren Menezes, and Tiffany Zhang, PlayPower Outdoor Play, Concept Design Team, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Manufacturer: Playworld Systems, Inc., a PlayPower, Inc. Company, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Quito | 2021-2022
Quito | 2021-2022

Project Description

Travel with us to Quito, Ecuador, the world’s second highest capital city and the closest to the equator. Inspired by its geography, Playworld designed Quito™, a 15.54’ (4,74m) tall, commercial-grade, playground net climber. Its staggering height features three levels of activity for all the kids in the playground to enjoy.

Adventurers can begin their journey with a ring of the bell or climb the extended hand ropes on the ground level before tackling the challenges that await inside the structure. A cozy space beneath the center makes the perfect spot to plan their path, or kids can immediately clamber up the ramp and into the interior using multiple foot- and handholds.

For friends using a mobility device, a transferable seat with a ramp makes sure they’re included in the fun. Upon entering Quito, kids can head to the second level to test out their navigational skills on differing rope patterns. Hand ropes enable kids to scope out the outer edge of the structural equator.

Then, if they’re feeling daring, they can climb up to the third and final level for a ring of the celebratory bell and peer through colorful, triangle windows.
Kids can stick around to chat between the perforated steel panels, or trek back down to the core.

Serving as the hub of activity, the core sits suspended by three 22mm steel core ropes in the center of Quito. The powder-coated and perforated steel panels offer a sense of enclosure to create another social hangout. An additional bell and set of triangle windows offer further interaction with kids on the other levels. With quality craftsmanship and a unique design, Quito offers the chance for kids to engage in bold, meaningful play that instills confidence and piques curiosity.

It fosters authentic relationships across the playground and develops courage. That way, when kids face challenges later in life, they’ll be more prepared to face them head-on.