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TOTO Touchless Faucets | 2020-2021

TOTO Touchless Faucets | 2020-2021
TOTO Touchless Faucets | 2020-2021

Designers: TOTO Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Manufacturer: TOTO Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Project Description

TOTO launched its first automatic faucet in 1984. Since then, many different technological innovations have improved the performance of TOTO faucets. In the 35-plus-years since their launch, TOTO has sold more than seven million automatic faucets, which are available globally for use in many different settings, including offices, hotels, commercial facilities, airports, train stations, hospitals, welfare facilities, and residential homes. Over this impressive track record of sales, TOTO has pursued various technological innovations, including designs that save water and electricity and equipment that takes up less space.

Product Outline
This project inherits the founder’s hope to improve the lives and culture of the people and provide clean, cultured lifestyles, and has been pursued out of a desire to consider the environment in conserving water resources and mitigating climate change while contributing to improved hygiene, such as the prevention of infectious disease.

The goal of the project is to provide automatic faucets for washing the hands and/or face (“touchless faucets”) to respond to a wide range of market needs, including health and environmental considerations, harmony of design with the surrounding space, the array of size-related constraints that can occur in installation, and usability.

Meeting environment- and hygiene-related needs
The product incorporates cutting-edge technologies unique to TOTO, such as environmental technologies (1.3 litter per min ultra-water saving, ECOPOWER self-power-generating technology) and the combination of clean TOTO CLEANOVATION technology (touchless products, EWATER+ electrolyzed water technology) to solve issues related to water- and energy-savings as well as hygiene. These technologies contribute to the conservation of water resources, mitigation of climate change and improvement of hygiene.

Meeting design- and size-related needs
This product has significantly increased the variations of faucet designs and sizes that are available, allowing users to choose from a wide selection of faucet designs. The team has also stressed the importance of effectively matching a faucet with its peripheral equipment, such as touchless soap dispensers and washbasins. To achieve this, they match the complete area design to the different buildings they are used in, including hotels, hospitals, commercial facilities, and offices.

The wide array of faucets that are available in different heights and lengths allows the customer to choosing the faucet design that appeals most to them and that is most suited to their unique installation conditions. The availability of so many options also makes it possible to handle sudden design changes flexibly.

Meeting usability-related needs
Through TOTO’s new sensor technologies that deliver sensor sensitivity and self-learning functions, the product has improved both ease of use and comfort. This achieves ease of use when washing the hands and face while minimizing splashes at the same time, ensuring comfort in the use of TOTO products. In addition, TOTO’s ECO CAP and SOFT FLOW water flow technologies are also designed to provide comfort during use. ECO CAP is a water flow technologies and provides a comfortable feel while washing and saves water at the same time, while SOFT FLOW offers a soft touch while also conserving water.

Meeting workability-related needs and complying with environmental regulations
The product pursues easy-installation to ensure that TOTO faucets can be installed and used around the world. With the simplified installation, the construction period can be shortened.

In addition to conventional wired faucets and battery-powered faucets, the lineup also includes ECOPOWER type faucets and an electric water heater that includes an instant hot water function. These options ensure that TOTO faucets can be adapted to a wide range of architectural conditions.

As the ECOPOWER type requires no wiring when installed and no battery replacements thereafter, it represents a functional component that is considered by the ease of installation and later upkeep. Moreover, by complying with the various regulations of different countries, TOTO has ensured that its faucets can be installed and used according to various architectural conditions encountered in different countries and regions.

Main characteristics are:
• Ultra-water saving (1.3 liter per min)
• Reducing CO2 emissions by saving energy: ECOPOWER self-generated power
• Reducing CO2 emissions through the saving of water
• Other technological improvements in the supply of warm water required for ultra water savings
• Touchless operation: sensor technologies
• Electrolysis water technology: EWATER+
• Improvement of sensitivity with polarizing film
• Improvement of sensitivity through a self-learning function
• Water flow technologies: SOFT FLOW and ECO CAP
• Complying with a broad range of environmental regulations